Nissan Moco 2013 Review

Japanese Cars Inspiration

I always had negative views about 660cc Japanese cars in terms of their fitness and smooth drive, but my views were about to change when a friend of mine visited me on his Subaru Pleo 2011 car. As soon as I drove his car I was surprised to experience nice and smooth drive. Compared to my Cultus VXR 2006 the drive was pretty much noiseless, Power Steering, Power Windows, GPS, Air bags and comfortable seats and below features all gave me a strong reason to go for a Japanese car.

So after searching for a good car on PakWheels, Carmudi, Olx and through references, I settled down on Nissan Moco. In this post I will write my review about this car.

After seeing many cars, I bought Nissan Moco 2013 from PakWheels. The guy was a Network Engineer and he was very nice and kind to give me the car in 86,000. Below are some of the highlights.

Exterior and Interior

Nissan Moco 2013 has solidly built exterior although looks similar to other JDM cars. Made of white and grey combination for the dashboard, the car is aesthetically designed and is extremely comfortable. Steering and headlights are adjustable. Very roomy leg space for both front and rear passengers. What delights me is the space utility of this nice little car. There are so many compartments on the dashboard that open with a push. There’s a secret one under the front passenger seat as well in case you’re travelling out of city with precious belongings. Bottle holders just below the AC ducts on the sides to keep your drinks cool. The leg room behind front seats is so large that you can even stand a suitcase with front seats are slide behind. Seats are comfy and come with a nice soft fabric (brown textured in my case). It is a home run so far as interior is concerned.

Fuel Consumption

As for fuel economy, I’ve only driven the car in Lahore so far because I work here. I keep a decent foot and don’t accelerate it like a race car so Nissan Moco 2013 is currently giving me an average of 17 KM per liter (there’s a digital meter showing that as well). Haven’t taken it on the motorway yet so you’ll have to wait for that update.


Handling is pretty nice. I made sure and test-drove to check the car for mount and suspension issues before buying. The car gives good clearance unlike other JDM’s. I’m thinking of installing a rear camera just for my convenience


You’ll probably have to change tires if you buy a Moco. Manufacturer’s specs are 145/80/R13 which I’m currently using (haven’t changed yet). Unfortunately, there’s no tire available in this size in the market for 13-inch rim except for General, which is a complete waste of money. So after a lot of research and discussions from all kinds of motor experts I will be getting Dunlop’s 165/65/R13 for my Moco S.


Overall it is a good buy. Very underrated and people don’t give due credit to this car. I would highly recommend this car to all buyers.

So that’s all for now. If you have any questions, let me know.