7up Van

7up Spring Festival 2017 by LUMS

With spring just around the corner, LUMS organised the 7up Spring Festival 2017 on Sunday, 2nd April. The festival was specifically organized for LUMS alumni. We happened to be at 7up Spring Festival and here we present some glimpse from the event.

In the event there were all kind of stalls some but not limited to Food including Ginsoy and Maroo Tandoor, PakWheels, Music Concert, Kids, Interwood and many other.

Apart from these stall Pool Table, Foosball Table and Chess board was arranged. People had to wait for their turn on Foosball and Pool Table.

LUMS Alumni Relations Team did great work to provide kids with train, swings, magic show and jumping castle. While kids were enjoying these their parents were having nice time on other stalls.

The most loved part was the concert which compelled youngsters to move their feet and bodied. A fantastic performance by a Drum band followed by performances from Shapes Zumba instructor Nassraullah and his students made this event full of fun.

Enjoy the videos from Shape’s Zumba instructor and his students:

and this one.

and finally some glimpse of Drum beats:

PakWheels were there to promote their CarSure program which can be availed to inspect a used car before buying it and it costs just 2000 rupees.

Interwood Stall was most of the time empty, people were less interested.

We met a boy who was holding bonelli’s eagle when talked to him he told us that he has snakes and falcons in his house.

Unfortunately we could not take many pictures but you can enjoy the videos on our YouTube channel.