Pakistani Passport

Passport Protector Stamping – Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment

If you have a foreign visa for work, Pakistan government requires you to get your passport protector by Bureau of Emigration & Overseas Employment. Password protector ensures your rights as overseas Pakistani,

I have already explained how to get your document attested from HEC and MOFA, Pakistan.

While document attestation from HEC and MOFA was pretty straight forward and hazel free, Passport Protector Stamping on the other hand is a tedious process. Photo copied documents required for Protector Stamping are following.

  • Work Visa
  • Passport
  • NICOP or Receipt of NICOP if you have just applied for it.
  • NIC of your wife (If married) or any other family member otherwise.

This blog post is specifically for Lahore but the process is similar for all offices. When you entered the office, at the first window there will be a long queue, the place is very congested and with no fan and sitting space. You need to be very patience on this window. The guy on the window will take your original documents and keep it, he will give you two survey forms which you will keep with you only to return at the last window. Fill the Survey form. The purpose of this window is only to do photocopies of your documents and verify your documents. You can avoid the slow process by already preparing your required photocopies and directly going to next window.

Note: Ladies can directly go inside the office from the main door.

Once you have all your set of copies take them to a room inside the office (anyone can guide you) and submit all of them their. Once you submit your docs you will be asked to wait in a room. This room is Air Conditioned and has good sitting place. After 30 to 45 minutes you will be asked to submit the Insurance fee at another window and two more fees in HBL and National Bank.

Both of these banks deal Passport protector fee outside the bank through designated windows. So yes, your patience level will be tested again. After all three fees are submitted, you will be going back to office for final stamping.

You will submit all your documents along with passport, and they will ask you to pick it at 3:30 PM. Go there on time and your Passport will be ready.

The entire process is manual, wait is long and staff is just okay.