HEC Document Attestation – Complete Guide

If you are planning to work or study abroad you must have your degrees attested from Higher Education Commission Pakistan. HEC provides Document attestation service for all universities of Pakistan. Good advice I will give is to go for document attestation even if you don’t need them in near future. Because nobody knows when you gonna need them. Below is a step by step guide to get your degree attested from HEC.

Step 1: Create profile at HEC e-portal
The first step is to create an online profile at HEC portal. Minimum information required to get your documents attested is the personal and educational information. Then, all educational docs should be scanned and uploaded along with National Identity Card.

Step 2: Complete the Task in HEC e-portal
Once this is done, you can apply for online document attestation from within the Educational tab of your HEC portal. Once you have applied, It takes three to five days for initial scrutiny of your documents to be done from HEC. In three to five days you will receive an email and SMS giving you the status of initial scrutiny. If the initial scrutiny is successful a task will be created in your application area of HEC portal. You need to complete that Task. The task is basically choosing the appointment day and time when you can go physically to HEC center and submit the documents. You can go by yourself, send someone on your behalf or courier the documents to HEC Islamabad center. From within the task you need to select the center you will submitting the documents. If you are choosing the courier service, then you can send it only to Islamabad office.

Step 3: Submitting the Documents

If you have chosen submitting the docs physically, just go to the selected center on selected date and time, take your token number and wait for your turn. When it is your turn go to the respective counter, submit your documents, then at next counter submit the fee. within an hour or two you will be given your attested documents back.

If you follow the above steps it takes fifteen to twenty days to get your documents attestation. There is a way to fast track and get your documents attested in three days.

Fast Track Attestation: 

[Update]: I am not sure if this applies any more because HEC has recently changed fee for urgent attestation. click here for details. ( via ProPakistani)

If you need your documents much sooner than standard time of attestation, follow step 1 and then write an application to Deputy Director attestation for the urgency of the attestation. If you can attach a similar letter from your company or educational institute it will act as a catalyst. Go to HEC center, and go straight to the Deputy Director office, tell them your reason of urgency and they will get your initial scrutiny done within half an hour.

After that, follow the step 2, but instead of waiting for day and time you selected go the HEC office next day with all required documents and again to Deputy Director office. They will help you getting your documents attested the same day.

NOTE: Nobody at HEC ask you for money, so do not get fool by the guards at the gate, they try to get money on the name help. Just meet Deputy Director and you will be helped.

Next Step: Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.