Lahore Best and Unique Food Options

Lahore host too many restaurants and food chains.  Do you want some unique food options which you haven’t tried so far? In this post I will be sharing some of the Lahore best food options which I have tried since I came to Lahore in 2014. I will also  share some food options from my travel between the cities. I hope you will try one of these options if you haven’t tried so far. So here is the list of my pick for Lahore best food options.

1- Thaal by Al- Minal

It is the biggest Thaal in Lahore. In addition to quantity, it is served with delicious lamb leg, different kind of BBQ items, a lot of rice and two kind of sauces (White and Red). At first, we were introduced to this through a friend and initially we went with 6 people and ordered a Thaal for 6. The quantity was huge enough that 6 of us together, were not able to completely consume it. So we packed rest of the quantity. Next time, we went with 8 people, and ordered a Thaal for 6. Surprisingly, we still were not able to eat it all. Finally, we went with 8 people and ordered the Thaal for 8 and again a lot was packed. The only thing which is not enough for 8 is the lamb leg. So be wise to share it equally among you.

If you are a true burger lover and by chance you are in Lahore then BYOB – Outpost should be your next food stop. They have also opened another branch in Gulberg but to experience the true BYOB you must visit their DHA branch. Following pictures will speak for themselves.
4- Howdy
Well, Everybody knows about this venture. Howdy touches the top of popularity graph when PTI Chairman Imran Khan visited one of their franchise.  I rank this burger joint second in terms of taste and ambiance and yes first spot is for BYOB.
5- Nando’s
Nando’s is yet another place where I visit very often.  Although Peri Peri is their specialty but one must try other items from the menu as well.  Finally, below are some pictures which might become a reason for your Peri Peri adventure if you haven’t yet tried it.
6- Ilyas Karahi and Tikka Shop Ravi Road
I have written about this great dunba karahi place in this post.
7- Shanwari
Although the best Shanwari taste I had was in Karachi on Rashid Minhas Road, but this Shinwari was also up to the mark. Located in Johar town, Shanwari is undoubtedly one of the best place to enjoy Peshwari food.
7- Painda
As Painda is not available on any restaurant in Lahore therefore we traveled to Peshawar to enjoy this unique and wonderful food. This is the local food of Banu, we had a friend who belongs to Banu but his family was living in Peshawar. So we decided to be his guests and enjoy this delicious item.
8- Lamb Mandi from Bait-ul-Mandi

Bait-ul-Mandi might be the only restaurant in Lahore who’s recipe is very close to actual Mandi which you find in Gulf.  Rice and Lamb with sauces specially the tomato sauce brings Mandi in my best and unique food options of Lahore.

Below is the actual Instagram post just after I had Mandi from Bait-ul-Mandi Lahore.

May be the only authentic #arabianfood in #lahore #mandi #lamb #arabianrice #rice #mutton #sauces #l4l #followforfollow

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