Two Day Trip to Malam Jabba Ski Resort

Two Day Trip to Malam Jabba Ski Resort and White Palace Swat. Trekkerz Pakistan arranged this wonderful trip. Everyone was friendly and fun loving. At the end of the day, we all were friends 🙂

Few years back Swat was the war zone when Mulla Fazlullah and Sufi Muhammad tried to enforce their form of sharia in the valley. Now, Army has maintained peace in the valley and we were delighted to see international flags around the Ski resort. There was some Ski championship going on. Locals told us how Swat was ruined by the Taliban and how happy they are to see tourism flourishing again in the region. We salute Pakistan Army for their great services to the nation.


This trip cost us 7,000 PKR per head and I think this could be much cheaper if you go on your own. Room charges in an average hotel off season will be around 3,000 PKR and in season room cost can touch 15,000 PKR. But one room can be shared among 4 people therefore cost is divided too.




Breakfast is provided by the hotel and is included in the cost. We skipped the lunch and had dinner a bit early, there are hotels offering Chicken Karahi @ 800 PKR per KG. Food prices are normal.

Malam Jabba Ski Resort:

If you are staying far below the Ski Resort then I will advice you to leave as soon as possible after your break fast for the Skiing Resort as in winters there are road bloackage due to snow. It took us around 4 hours to reach at the top because of the same situation otherwise it could have only take 2 hours to reach there. You should have enough time to enjoy Skiing, Tubes and Chair, when we reach there everything was about to close.

Do not forget to take enough drinking water with you, because there is no drinking water at the top.


Normally we travel along with our close friends, but this time we chose Trekkerz. If you want to know more people, if you want to learn something different from your routine its better to travel with such group. You meet a lot of different kind of people who share their views about life. In our bus we have three guys from Karachi, a couple from Karachi/Hyderabad, A guy and a girl from Islamabad, another guy from Faisalabad and rest of us were from Lahore. Below are some glimpse of those people, if anyone from them is reading this post : Hello guys, lets do another trip together :-).