Padhana the Historical Village and Lahore Border Areas

Padhana is a historical village at the Lahore Border areas. Few days back Ayesha Omar posted this video on her Instagram. When I played the video, the very first moment I had decided that I am going there. Ayesha Omar had mentioned “Padhana historical village of Pakistan” it was easy for me to find it on Google. So, with some friends I planned to explore Lahore border areas and we were all set to start this informative trip on very next Sunday. So, Sunday morning, five of us started the journey from Bedian Road. Although our final destination was Padhana but we had clear intentions to enjoy the roads and villages on the way.

Roads and Vehicle:

You can reach to Padhana by taking Barki or Canal Bank road. While both these roads are in very good condition to travel, these do not provide the perfect views. On the other hand, Bedian Road is perfect and beautiful but you have to leave it at a point for Padhana. Hence, you need to travel through farms, villages and very narrow streets. So, take Bedian Road to Padhana only if you have vehicle high enough from ground. Seems like Honda City will not be a wise choice to such area. Instead, bikes would be the best for such a travel experience.


We were mainly relying on Google’s Map because none of us had been there before. Also, I downloaded the offline map of Lahore because internet coverage in such remote areas is limited. But if you don’t have access to Map then ask local villagers about Padhana. If you are taking Canal Bank road, then turn right after crossing BRB canal and keep going on the road. First there will be Manhala, then Lallo, and then Padhana.


Padhana is an old village on border areas of Lahore. The uniqueness of this village is the Haveli of Sardar Jawala Singh Sandhu and a Gurdwara. Because government has not paid necessary attention to these two places therefore both places are on the edge of their extinction. Furthermore much of the area is now illegally owned by the local people. People have divided Gurdwara by a wall. As a result, it is always lock and you cannot go inside. Haveli on the other hand is opened for visitors but in this mega and lavish house of past you will only see Cows and dirt. The construction of the Haveli is magnificent. It has very thick walls, a basement (probably that was to avoid heat) and top floor. Rest can be seen through following pictures.

Punjab Rangers Post at Border:

You can see many bunkers by Pakistan Army near the border areas. Below is the one such video. We went inside one of the bunker and captured the following video for you.

Ranger’s Post
From Padhana we headed towards Lallo, probably the last village at border. It has a road which touches the Indian border. Going through that road was a pleasant experience. At that particular spot there is no fence therefore some Rangers are always there to control the civilian movement. Just before Lallo, we saw another village and we decided to go towards India as far as we can. Last spot on the way was Punjab Ranger’s Check Post. we park our car just outside the post and were greeted by Rangers. Because of the fact that our soldiers on such posts rarely see civilians, they warmly welcomed us. In fact, they took us to their observatory from where we can see Indian Armed personals and their post. We probably spent an hour in the Post and then we said Good Bye to those lovely Rangers.

Finally, we headed back to home through a different route. If you love random travelling you should give this border areas visit a chance.