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Must Eat Street Foods in Turkey

Turkey is a country which connects East and West. Some of the portion of Turkey is in Asia while the other is in Europe. It has many countries at its neighbors like Greece and Bulgaria is located on the north western border, Georgia to the north-east, Armenia and Iran to the East. Iraq and Syria lies to the south. Capital of Turkey is Ankara however Istanbul proves to be the largest city. Mainly natives of Turkey lives in the country and their numbers are 70 to 80 percent. Kurdish people also live in the Turkey but they are in a minority. Turkey had a long history and different empires continued to rule Turkey.

Alexander the Great had also conquered Turkey during his time period. This region was a part of the Roman Empire. It has continued until Selijuk Turks stating invading Turkey and finally they got control of it. After them, different dynasties continued to rule the Turkey. Finally, the country got under the rule of Ottoman kings. They were also successful in the enlargement of the Ottoman Empire. It was divided after World War I however Allied Forces also thought to conquer Turkey but due to the efforts of Mustafa Kamal Ataturk, there was a war between Allied Powers and Turkey. Finally, winning the war, he was able to free his country from the foreign occupation. Presidential system was introduced inside the country and Mustafa Kamal Ataturk became the First President of Turkey. If you want to go to Turkey then you can book Turkish Airlines To Istanbul.

Turkey has many cultural attraction sites and lot of them is located in the different cities. Many of the people come to Turkey for the purpose of traveling and tourism. They want to eat and taste delicious cuisine. Climate of the Turkey remains warm in summer and cooler in the winter. Some of the regions of Turkey have some sort of Oceanic climate where there are winters also in wet and summer also in the wet condition. Some of the eastern part of the coast receives 2500 mm which is highest in the country of Turkey however the city of Istanbul has a different type of climate. There are warm to hot and dry summers however the winters are cool, cold and have wet season. This is the season which prevails over Istanbul. Snow occurs on the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara in the season of the winter. Snow falling is also very rare in the coast in the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Sometimes, maritime time conditions are also very severe however mountains also prevent dangerous kind of winds from entering into Turkey. Winter in Turkey remains extremely harsh. There is temperature of -30 to -40 C in the winter. It has mostly devastating effects. Sometimes, snow lies for an extreme period of time. The life becomes difficult due to extreme snow falling. The same conditions apply for the western Turkey. In the summer, the temperature rises up and it could be also more than 30 C. Rainfall is almost 400 mm. If you want to go to Turkey in the Istanbul in the wettest month then you can select the season of May. July and August are the driest months.

Let’s read about famous food in Turkey.

Turkish Delight:

Turkish delight is the mixture of the following:

  • Chopped Dates
  • Pistachios
  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnuts

This dessert is prepared in several flavors. When you try to eat it, it looks extremely delicious in your mouth.

Iskender Kebab:

This is the one of the most popular meat dishes eaten in northwestern Turkey. It consists of thin lamb meal served with a warm tomato sauce over traditional pieces of the bread. There can also be toppings on it and it tends to more delicious with the toppings. There is a topping of yogurt and butter on these kebabs. You will keep on eating this dish and start licking your fingers on the plate. It is so tasty.

Manti (Turkish Ravioli):

If you are a pasta lover then prepare yourself. It is the Turkish version of Ravioli. Lamb or beef is served into little handmade dumplings. They are topped with a creamy yogurt sauce, this item looks extremely delicious. It also takes large amount of time to prepare but once it is ready then it becomes excellent for serving. If you order Turkish Ravoli then you will also want to order more because it is so yummy.


You must eat meze before trying another dish. The major meze is made by combining lot of the vegetables. Turkish Meze has the following ingredients.

  • Yogurt With Herbs
  • Humus
  • Rice Staffed With Vine Leaves
  • Meat Balls
  • Egg Plant Salad
  • White Cheese

There are many meals in Turkey which are consumed regularly but you should try this meal for regularly of eating them. There are different regions of Turkey which features this cuisine and many of the Turks like to eat it.


It is a sweet dish and is rich in its flavors. It is a kind of pastry which is liked by the people. There is a combination of chopped nuts and syrup which has very tasty flavor. This cuisine is an older one and it was started during the time period of Ottoman Empire however now it is easily available in the streets of Turkey. You can eat it definitely whenever you like to. You can order it from any stall or from mega-style some restaurant. There are many national and international restaurants present inside Turkey. It tastes extremely delicious. It is so delicious and classic known for its taste. Cheap Flight Tickets can be booked for going to several numbers of destinations.